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Civic agencies play a critical role in the well-being of Hinton residents and contributes significantly to Hinton’s economy. Civic partnerships between the Town and Civic agencies will be used to build even more effective community resources by leveraging the existing strengths of the agencies.

The Town of Hinton Civic Partnership Policy establishes consistency and guidance to provide both financial and non monetary support to Civic Agencies for projects and initiatives that benefit the residents of Hinton and enhance community assets, and Town offered programs and services in accordance with the Town’s shared vision, goals, and strategic priorities.

View the Policy document here.

What is a Civic Agency?

Those individuals, organizations, government bodies, non-profit organizations, boards, committees, and charities who can be classified into the following categories for the purpose of establishing a mutually beneficial Partnership Agreement.

Category #1 – Intergovernmental Agency Partnership: Partnerships that exist or are developed between the municipality and other government bodies.

Category #2A – Capital Infrastructure Partnership: Partnerships that are temporary in nature and exist only until the completion of the project in question; at which time the infrastructure is transferred to the Town. The Town will have sole discretion and bear full responsibility with respect to future operations and service levels associated with the developed infrastructure.

Category #2B – External Service & Operation Partnership: Partnerships that are formed to either outsource or enhance currently offered municipal services. The Agency must demonstrate willingness and readiness to deliver the service in question and sustain that service at the level outlined in the Partnership Agreement over the course of the Agreement’s duration.

Why was a Civic Partnership Policy formulated?

  • To formalize the process for how the Town considers, evaluates, and enters into Partnership Agreements to provide support to Civic Agencies.
  • To provide decision making criteria for use by Council and Administration when responding to requests for partnership funding.
  • To achieve consistency, fairness, and demonstrate due diligence with respect to use of public funds.

What is the Community Grant?

Please view here.

How to apply for a Civic Partnership?

If you are interested to apply for a civic partnership, the first step is to follow the Flow-chart in Schedule A (below) and determine which category your organization belongs to.

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If you belong to Category #1, or #2A, or #2B, you can start the Administration and Agency Partnership Development process, as described below for each category.

The first step to express your interest to the Town of Hinton Administration is to Complete and submit this form.

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