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Policies form the written basis of operations, secondary to legislation and Bylaw, serving as a guide to decision-making, prescribing limits, and assigning responsibilities within the Municipality; they serve to address recurring issues with guidelines or boundaries within the parameters of the values and expectations set by the Municipality and consistent with best practices.

What is a Policy?

A statement of commitment, position, or overall intent of Council to provide direction and guidelines for Administration. Policies set expectations for program decisions, service levels, and financial considerations. Topics to be addressed through a Policy include, but are not limited to: 

  • Where authority is being delegated in accordance with legislation; 
  • Where access to and/or provision of service is being determined;
  • Where matters have inherent liability risks such as road and infrastructure construction, design standards, maintenance and repair, provision of fire services, and the operation of public facilities;
  • Management of the budget process;
  • Direction on Council roles, responsibilities, and conduct; 
  • To provide directions for carrying out Council’s strategic plan, priorities, and goals.

Town of Hinton Policies