Hinton Youth Advisory Council (HYAC)


The Hinton Youth Advisory Council (HYAC) operates through a partnership between the Town of Hinton and the Northern Rockies Museum of Culture and Heritage with the purpose of engaging youth by providing them with mentorship opportunities and a platform to provide input into municipal processes. 

The Hinton Youth Advisory Council will hold monthly meetings during after-school hours. Meals will be provided for participants.

Youth Councillors will be expected to:

  • Engage youth and provide input into youth-related resources, projects, events, activities, and topics to be shared with Town Council
  • Act as an ambassador for Hinton
  • Participate in ad-hoc special projects
  • Meet outside of the monthly HYAC meetings to advise on or participate in projects or attend Hinton Town Council meetings
  • Produce two reports and presentations annually on HYAC activities to Town Council
  • Act as a youth liaison with municipal authorities
  • Promote community engagement of youth in community life and volunteerism
  • Actively participate in HYAC activities and events
  • Volunteer a minimum of six hours annually at a not-for-profit association in our community, or for community events hosted by the Town of Hinton.

  1. Current Members
  2. History
  3. How to Become a Member
  4. Bursary Fund
  5. Resources

Appointed Members

 Serving from October 2023 to September 2024:

  • Councillor Hayden Amundrud
  • Councillor Jayda Orr 
  • Councillor Emily Burlet
  • Councillor Madison Testo
  • Councillor Finn Crespeigne
  • Councillor Sterling Mozel
  • Councillor Heeral Tangri
  • Councillor Adelynn Zimmerman

Council Members

Councillor Albert Ostashek,  CouncillorAlbertOstashek@hinton.ca

Councillor JoAnn Race, CouncillorJoAnnRace@hinton.ca

Contact information

For general inquiries, contact the Administrative contact for HYAC:

James Everitt, Youth Centre Coordinator, jeveritt@hinton.ca