Beaver Boardwalk (Bebo) Committee


Beaver Boardwalk Committee

The purpose of the Beaver Boardwalk Committee (BeBo Committee) is to gather, study and discuss all relevant information regarding the Beaver Boardwalk condition and rehabilitation project in order to provide Council recommendations and to facilitate Council in making informed and transparent decisions regarding the Beaver Boardwalk’s future.


Members of this committee include three (3) councillors and three (3) members of administration. Meetings are open to the public.


 The BeBo Committee is expected to:

  • Formulate a vision regarding the Beaver Boardwalk (BEBO) and present this vision to Council for discussion and adoption prior to the BeBo Committee’s third meeting;
  • Utilize, and if deemed, seek additional, Stakeholder’s and matter experts’ input;
  • Formulate recommendations for approval by Council regarding:
  • Service level related to the BEBO;
  • Maintenance of the current BEBO;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Financial and budgetary impact; and
  • Other recommendations as deemed applicable by the BeBo Committee or Council.
  • Present to Standing Committee of Council at least two (2) times in 2019

Public Engagement

Through the term of this committee, public engagement opportunities will arise to gather input from Hintonites and understand the public's perspective on plans for the Beaver Boardwalk. These engagement activities will be advertised to the public, and will be captured on this page.

Meeting Dates and Times

The Committee will meet monthly with all meetings included on the Town of Hinton Calendar under Town of Hinton Meetings and Events, and through a widget included on this web page once the calendar is updated (end of July at the latest).