Arts on the Move
The arts are on the move with our feature-packed Encore Showmobile. Because of its versatility, ease of transportation, and fast setup time, you can use it to put on an event anywhere - indoors or outdoors.


The Showmobile brings built-in excitement to concerts, political rallies, speeches, dances, parades, sporting events, fairs, graduations, and festivals - big or small, any event will be a better event!

Wenger Showmobile

The Showmobile is designed to fit the needs of our community, organizations, or businesses - large or small.

Rates (include GST)

  • Daily Rental Rate (Prime) - $682.50
    • Additional day rental rate -$525 
    • Mileage (out-of-town rentals) - $2.10 per kilometre


Rental of the Showmobile includes:

  • Delivery, stage setup, and pick-up of the Showmobile by town staff (within town limits)
  • On-board accessories, including stage skirting and 2 stair units
  • On-board lighting system, including (6) LED wash lights and lighting console.
  • On-board sound system, including, 2 Yamaha powered DSR118W - 800w sub-woofers with powered DSR215 - 1300w uppers, a Yamaha 20-channel mixer, and all necessary cabling.  Specialized audio gear requests are to made separately.  
  • Honda 6500kw generator to power the unit if required.

Booking Procedures

All renters are required to have general liability insurance in the amount of $2 million and a qualified sound and lighting technician to operate the on-board equipment. Please complete our Equipment Request Form when booking the Showmobile 60 days prior to the event. A contractual agreement between both parties will be drawn up. Call the Event Coordinator at 780-865-6055 for further details.

All out-of-town rentals are required to make arrangements for a certified towing operator to pick up and return the Showmobile to the Town of Hinton as well as provide proof of additional cargo insurance. The per kilometre mileage fee will be applied to all out-of-town bookings