Speed Limit Reduction

Small- Speed Limit Updates- Bylaw 1179

Town of Hinton - Traffic Bylaw No. 1179

Traffic Bylaw No. 1179 - Speed Reduction

Purpose of the Update: Traffic Bylaw No. 1179 introduces lower speed limits in select areas to increase public safety. 40 km/h is now the assumed speed limit when no posted speed limit signage exists. This measure aims to enhance pedestrian safety and minimize traffic-related incidents.

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Coming to a Street Near You

Updated Speed Limits: 

  • 40 km/h limit on all streets unless otherwise posted (previously 50 km/h).
  • 30 km/h limit in school zones, playgrounds, and parks from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • The current posted speed limit signage must be followed and adhered to until removed/replaced with the updated signage. Updated signage will be installed when weather permits, and the public will be notified at that time.


What has not changed? Speed limits will remain unchanged for the following: Switzer Drive, Highway 16, Hardisty Ave, and Industrial roads.

When is Bylaw No. 1179 in effect? The Traffic Bylaw No. 1179 was passed at the November 21, 2023, Regular Council Meeting and went into effect immediately. The public will be notified of the transition and installation of the new signage. 

Is my residential street speed limit 40 km/h if a 50 km/h speed limit sign is posted? Comply with the posted signage, which is 50 km/h in this exampleTransitioning signage across Town will occur as weather permits. The public will be notified when this transition starts. Be sure to sign up for Town notices so you don’t miss out; sign up here.