Motorized Transportation Information

Know the rules and regulations for your motorized modes of transportation, as per the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

Quick Reference Guide:

Quick Reference Guide

  1. E-Bikes
  2. Mopeds
  3. Motorcycles
  4. Mobility Aids
  5. Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs)
  6. Prohibited Miniature Vehicles

E-bikes are also known as 'power bicycles' or 'power-assisted bicycles'. They are defined as:

  • Has steering handlebars and pedals
  • Is capable of being propelled by muscle power
  • Has one or more electric motors that have, singly or in combination, the following characteristics:
    • It has a total continuous power output rating, measured at the shaft of each motor, of 500 W or less
    • If it is engaged by the use of muscular power, power assistance immediately ceases when the muscular power ceases
  • Bears a label that is permanently affixed by the manufacturer and appears in a conspicuous location stating that the vehicle is a power-assisted bicycle

You must be equipped with the following gear when riding an E-bike: Headlamp, tail lamp, reflectors, brakes, and a horn.

E-bikes are permitted on pathways and trails if pedal assisted.

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