Pool Shutdown

Pool shutdown is an important part of the annual preventative maintenance cycle of our Aquatic Facility. This cycle keeps your pool healthy and functional and helps reduce maintenance related service impacts throughout the year.

Regular pool shutdown work includes deep cleaning the pool basins, steam room, showers, and change rooms, replacing chipped tiles and regrouting deteriorated sections, applying fresh grip paint to the pool deck and railings, and servicing pumps.

During shutdown, Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre passholders can typically use their passes to swim at Jasper Fitness & Aquatic Centre and Edson & District Leisure Centre. Annual passholders automatically receive an additional month on their pass upon purchase which covers the pool shutdown period. 

  1. Pool Shutdown 2022
  2. Previous Pool Shutdowns

Pool Shutdown 2022

The annual pool shutdown at the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre was from May 2 to July 12, 2022. 

This year’s shutdown took place in spring, and for a longer duration than usual, due to there being no pool shutdown in 2021 and to accommodate the greater amount of work scheduled. Some of this work required warmer temperatures to complete, and additional planned preventative work needed to be completed to ensure service interruptions are limited going forward into the summer months.

Major mechanical work completed during the 2022 pool shutdown included:

  • Make Up Air Unit (MAU) work (this unit provides the pool deck with tempered fresh air)
  • Mechanical Room work, including the servicing of boilers and heat exchangers, and some electrical, piping and insulation work
  • Sand Vessel replacement (filters that use sand to filter the impurities out of the water)
  • Main pool expansion seam and cap inspections and potential replacement of the seam

  1. Annual Aquatic Tasks
  2. Annual Maintenance Tasks
  • Move and store all deck equipment
  • Sanitize all deck drains
  • Drain Hot Tub & Play Pool
  • Apply grip paint to pool deck & railings
  • Clean cells for all 3 basins
  • Clean pH and ORP probes for all 3 basins
  • Clean & organize Aquatic Shift Office
  • Clean & organize Water Testing Room
  • Clean & organize Mechanical Room
  • Service acid pumps
  • Clean & organize salt storage
  • Clean & organize Chemical Storage Room
  • Clean & inventory emergency evacuation bins
  • Clean, organize & inventory First Aid Storage Room
  • Update SDS binders & inventory all chemicals on site
  • HEPA vacuum pipes in Mechanical Room
  • Clean & organize First Aid Room and Staff Locker Room
  • Deep clean both Changerooms
  • Deep clean Steam Room & deck shower
  • Re-vamp pin boards
  • Organize & file First Aid Room cabinets
  • Descale shower heads
  • Scrub & sanitize all garbage cans and recycling bins
  • Organize & replenish swimming lesson supplies
  • Scrub & disinfect all pool toys
  • Disinfect & inventory PFDs
  • Disinfect & inventory flippers
  • Disinfect & inventory Aqua fitness supplies
  • Clean & organize Blue Storage Room
  • Wash blue wall
  • Clean & soak skimmer baskets and float valves
  • Fix broken float valve assemblies
  • Clean & organize First Aid stations and bag
  • Scrub diving blocks and rewrite block numbers
  • Clean hexagon windows
  • Filter Flo sand vessels
  • Fix A-frame signs
  • Update chemical addition charts
  • Disinfect hallway walls
  • Disinfect Viewing Gallery and railings
  • Disinfect Meeting room
  • Disinfect all benches and chairs
  • Disinfect shoe rack
  • Scrub Main Pool seam
  • Wash & refinish deck whiteboard
  • Revamp signage
  • Relabel JLC manikins
    Inspect & inventory JLC equipment
  • Update pool specific emergency response procedures
  • Swim Fit program development
  • Disinfect & inventory all First Aid course equipment
  • Dusting of HVAC
  • JLC critical path update
  • Safe Work Practices converted to new template
  • JLC program development
  • ActiveNet Pass/Fail transfer
  • Flush & replace acid lines
  • Drain and acidize all 3 basins
  • Remove, inspect, and replace Mermade filters
  • Clean and organize Acid room

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