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  3. Lifeline
    The affordable in-home installation of Lifeline units allows people to continue living independently by providing them with access to emergency support if needed.
  4. Compass for the Caregiver
    This Caregivers Alberta program offers facilitated group support for individuals that act as caregivers for people with physical or mental health challenges.
  5. Friendly Visitor/Caller Program
    Many of us are isolated, lonely, or in need of a meaningful friendship. This service is designed to connect residents that are looking for a friendly visit or call with volunteers in the hopes that a supportive, ongoing friendship forms.
  6. Community Volunteer Income Tax Program
    Offers free income tax return filing for people with simple tax returns who are within a specific lower income threshold. This program operates through volunteers and is available year-round.
  7. Home Support
    This subsidized light housekeeping service provides support to seniors, persons with disabilities, and families in need of temporary support to remain in their homes.
  8. Errand Running
    Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, support with essential errands such as pharmacy or grocery deliveries, are offered to residents with limited mobility.
  9. Meals on Wheels
    Home Support staff deliver weekly meals to those in need through a partnership with the Meals on Wheels program.
  10. Paperwork Help
    We are here to help with free of charge with benefits, credits and filing income taxes! Understanding and filling out applications for benefits like OAS, CPP, CERB and many others can be quite overwhelming, but we're here to help!
  11. 1-1 Support
    Do you need someone to talk to for help with support, skills, and resources? Randy can help!
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    You will be contacted by email or phone about the services you're interested in. If you want to reach out, you can call Randy at 780-865-6023 or email him at
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