Public Art

What is public art?

Public art is art that exists in the public realm and is free and accessible to everyone. It takes many forms. It can be a painting hanging in a public building or a sculpture in a park. It can be an event, an installation of film, video, or sound, or even a temporary installation in a public space. It can be indoors or outdoors, integrated into the site or free-standing, or even functional, like a bench or lamp post. Artworks can be permanent or transitory. 

Culture Policy [Policy 080]

The Town of Hinton recognizes Hinton as a “creative” cultural hub. Culture plays a key role in Hinton’s social, cultural and economic development, as vehicles for growth, urban renewal, and effective marketing of Hinton. Through this policy, and the adoption of specific action plans developed under it, Town Council shall support the development of heritage and local artists, generate new employment opportunities, develop opportunities for arts expression, participation, presentation and exhibition and improve the quality of Hinton’s built environment.  View the policy HERE

Cougar Wood Sculpture (Green Square) - Commissioned and installed in 2018 by Pioneer Homes, BC.

Cougar statue - 60th

Percentage for Public Art Policy [Policy 090]

Municipalities across North America acquire public art through Percent for Art programs that are based on a percentage of annual capital budget expenditures (1-2% is standard).

The Town of Hinton established its Percent for Public Art  policy in 2012 [Policy 090].  View the policy HERE

Public art provides for creative, interesting and compelling public spaces. and Policy 090 shall provide a framework for incorporating public art into the community.  This policy governs the actions and decisions of the Town of Hinton with respect to public art; those policies, procedures and guidelines subsequently developed, shall be consistent with the guiding principles outlined in the Culture Policy.

"Artist in Retrospection" - Commissioned and installed at the Performing Arts Theatre of Hinton (PATH) in 2017 (Artist - Alicia Proudfoot) -

Artist in Retrospection