The West Fraser Guild: Home of the Performing Arts Theatre of Hinton

The West Fraser Guild, built in 2017, is the home of Performing Arts Theatre in Hinton (PATH).

The building has a stage area made with a Plyron finish, stage drapery and a motorized screen 7m (22.96 ft.) for cinema at the front of house. There are retractable and loose theatre seats that accommodate 162 patrons with front row seating that supports persons with disabilities. 

In the lobby, there is a box office, bar/concession with washroom amenities and access to the theatre - and a stairwell to a second-floor mezzanine where the operational equipment is housed.  

A complete sound, light and video system that supports the operators of the theatre to provide any audience with a state of the art experience.  

Potter’s Studio :
The new Potter building has provided 120m2 (1300 sq. ft.), self-contained facility housing 12 potter wheels and 3 kilns with washroom amenities and overhead door access for ease.

For information regarding rentals, capabilities, and equipment for The PATH facility, please contact 
the Arts Society of Hinton at 780-223-2787 (ARTS).

You can also visit their website. 

For information on Hinton Movies, view their webpage, or their Facebook