Boutin Avenue Development

VisionBoard beginning Concepts for Boutin Development

pictured above: design concepts/vision options that began dialogue. 

The development of Boutin Avenue is in its early stages, with a design charrette now complete. The charrete proceeded through the process encapsulated below, with the objective of the project to develop a preferred site plan that:

  • Best utilizes the Town owned lands.
  • Aides in diversifying Hinton’s housing mix.
  • Is conscious of and complementary to existing development.
  • Is both financially attainable and sustainable.

During the design charette, four days of focused activity occurred (detailed below):


Day 1: Listen and Learn Day 2: Design Day Day 3: Feedback Day and Day 4: Refinement and Presentation Day

Day 1: Challenges Identified

Site constraints vs cost of development and reaching affordability of housing stock

Site constraints:

  • Trans-mountain pipeline easement 
  • Power line easement
  • Shape of parcel
  • Restrictive covenant 
  • Elevation of land in Area 1 and 3
  • Cost of land
  • No servicing along Boutin Ave or Drinnan Way

What we heard:

  • Need for 55+ housing – tiny homes/duplexes single entry
  • Tinker box/multi-purpose centre
  • Trail connections
  • Community gardens
  • Public spaces 
  • Affordable housing
  • Intergenerational housing
  • Diversity of housing stock
  • Multi unit housing
  • Choices in housing options.
  • Connection with Pine Valley Seniors development

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The Result: Four Design Concepts

Day Three Outcome: A Preferred Design

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Where do we go from here?

Next Steps

With a preferred design selected, an estimate of construction costs is now underway. 

Once complete, we begin the development of a Pro Forma (A Latin term meaning, “for the sake of form”. In the investing world, it describes a method of calculating financial results in order to emphasize either current or projected figures. A property's pro forma in real estate are essentially its cash flow projections).

From the pro forma, administration develops a report, which is then presented to Council. Currently estimated for October or November.