What can I place at a grave site?
  • No iron or ironworks, glass bottles, earthen jars, metal or wooden boxes containing artificial wreaths or flowers or other memorial tributes shall be allowed in any section of the said cemetery, and any so placed shall be entirely removed by the Supervisor.
  • No shrubs, trees or flowers may be planted in any part of the said cemetery other than those planted by the Supervisor in areas reserved for such planting.
  • The Supervisor or his designate shall have authority to have removed from any grave and weed or grass, funeral designs or floral pieces which have become wilted, or any other article or things which are in his opinion, unsightly.
  • Without restricting the generality of Part 6.0, no person shall erect upon a grave any curbs, fences, railings, walls, copings, trellis, hedges, trees, or shrubs or the like, and where any of the same have been previously erected on or around a grave, and have by reason of age or neglect become unsightly or objectionable, the Supervisor, may cause same to be removed but, in so doing, will leave areas in a safe, proper and neat condition.
  • Where the Supervisor finds any monument or other structure upon a grave in a state of disrepair, unsightly or objectionable, or directly interfering with routine cemetery maintenance, he shall notify the owner in writing thereof and require that repairs be promptly undertaken. Any monument or structure not repaired within thirty days, after a notice in writing has been forwarded to the said owner at his last known address provided to the Town, may be removed from the plot.

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