72 Hour Kit

If you had to shelter in place, or if you had to care for your family for a prolonged period without water or power, would you be able to?

This information, and more, is available for download in our 4Steps2Prep Brochure

Making a 72 hr kit will increase the comfort of the people in your home and decrease the stress and anxiety experienced in an emergency situation. Keep the kit together in a large container or bag in an easily accessible location – and try not to dip into your supplies if you run out of bandaids or spaghetti sauce! 

Check over your kit once a year to top up or replace supplies. 

Here’s what you need for a basic kit: 

  • Water—at least 2 litres of water per person, per day.
  • Food—canned (with can opener) or dried food, crackers, energy or granola bars. 
  • First Aid Kit 
  • Prescription medications and equipment, infant formula, pain killers, anti-nausea medication, hand sanitizer 
  • Flashlight and batteries 
  • Battery or crank operated radio (with extra batteries) 
  • Candles, matches or lighter, duct tape 
  • Toiletries, including spare eyeglasses or contacts 
  • Cash money in smaller bills and change
  • Copies of important documents and contact phone numbers 
  • Change of warm clothing for each person in your home (including footwear), blankets 
  • A whistle (in case you need to attract attention) 
  • A corded phone (to use in a power outage)

Tip: Make sure you own a crate for your pet in order to transport them in an emergency. Many reception areas will require pets to be crated for their safety and the safety of the people gathered there. Also include pet food and supplies in your 72 hr Kit.

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