Emergency Alert

How to Access Emergency Alert Information
Simply click on the "Emergency Alert" icon to the left and read about the Emergency and/or Road Closure situation in the city.

What the "Emergency Alert" Color Means
Green Emergency Alert Light
When the "Emergency Alert" light is green, no emergency conditions/road closures exist in the city at this time.

Flashing Red or Solid Red Emergency Alert Light
When the "Emergency Alert" light is flashing red, or is a solid red, an emergency condition/road closure exists in the city.
Emergency Alert Off with Green Light
Emergency Alert On Flash with Red Light
Our Emergency Alerts
Will be posted in the following locations on this website:
Emergency Condition/Road Closure E-Notifications
E-Notifications will be sent to all subscribers. This is just 1 more way the city can keep you informed. Sign up for emergency alert e-notifications.