Mobile Vendors

The Town of Hinton supports the development of the mobile vending industry in our community. The Town encourages the responsible use of public spaces to enhance the vitality of these spaces while maintaining public safety and pedestrian/traffic flow.

Hinton Town Council has approved a new Mobile Vendors Bylaw (No. 1170)  to establish requirements and regulations for mobile vendor businesses effective August 16, 2022. The Bylaw requires all Mobile Vendors operating on municipally-owned land or roads to obtain a Mobile Vending Permit (application form link here). Mobile Vendors operating on private land or during a community event continue to require a Town of Hinton Business Licence and permission from either the landowner or the event organizer.

What are the costs?

Below are the common fees a Mobile Vendor can expect to incur in normal operations at the Town of Hinton:

Mobile Vending Permits


Annual General


Monthly General


Daily General


Annual Cart Vendor


Other Related Town Fees


Annual Fire Inspection (Town Fire Dept; if required)


Annual Business Licence


Development Permit – Home Occupation


Development Permit – Commercial Location


Where can Mobile Vendors operate on public land?

Mobile Vendors may operate in specific locations on roads and parking lots at the following locations without additional approvals on a first-come, first-served basis:

  1.  Green Square
  2. Northern Rockies Museum
  3. Curling Rink
  4. Jesse Turgeon Park (seasonal)
  5. Recreation Centre (seasonal)
  6. Lions Park
  7. Kinsmen Park

Each location has a specified number of permitted vendors, and map of the specific locations at these sites is provided at the end of these guidelines.

Mobile carts and similar small mobile vendors may operate within all Town parks except for Mary Reimer Regional Park on a first-come, first-served basis to a maximum of 2 vendors in a park at a time. 

Additional locations may be considered with approval from the Town. 

Find more information in our Mobile Vendor Guidelines and Locations document.

Please contact Development Services at 780-865-6010 or for more information or to start your permit process now.