Terms - Online Payment Services

Terms of Use for Online Payment Services
By accessing information or initiating an electronic transaction on the Town of Hinton website you agree to the terms and conditions ("terms of use"), Disclaimer, Copyright and Privacy Statement which govern your use of the Town of Hinton website, the collection of your personal information and the authorization of any transactions, applications and related payments. If you do not agree with these terms of use, then please do not continue to access information or transact business using this site and return to the Town of Hinton home page.

These terms of use may be changed and future transactions performed using the online payment service will be governed by the terms of use in effect at that time. Therefore, you should review the terms of use during future transactions to ensure that you agree with their content.

"Fees" means the payment(s), if any, for a specific electronic transaction or application request described during each applicable transaction process, payable by you in advance using a credit card (or similar means as may be offered by the Town of Hinton).

License & Access Rights
The information obtained or transaction capability provided by the online payment service shall only be used by you for your own personal or internal business purposes. It shall not be used in the operation of any other commercial purpose.

Exclusive of your own personal information, you have no ownership rights or copyright of any information or data contained therein. All ownership rights and copyright to the online payment service, and any information or data contained therein, shall at all times remain with the Town of Hinton.

Fees & Payment
As required through the course of completing an application request or service transaction, you shall pay the applicable fee as instructed in the payment description screens which are presented to you for verification and authorization. All fees are in Canadian currency.

All fees shall be payable to the Town of Hinton, in advance, by means of a credit card, or other means as may be described within the service. You agree to provide all credit card or similar payment information, which the Town of Hinton may require to verify payment for requests submitted using the service.

Transaction Refunds
In the event that a refund of any fees collected is required, you agree that the following procedure shall apply:
If fees in excess of the amount required to process the application request or transaction are collected, the Town of Hinton will refund the original credit card that was used in the payment process or issue a check in the requestor's name for the amount of the excess fees, provided the excess amount is greater than $3. If the excess amount is less than $3, then no refund will occur. If the Town of Hinton is unable to complete the processing of your application request or transaction after the fees have been paid, a refund will be issued. The most common reasons why a transaction cannot be processed are:
  • You selected an insufficient or incorrect fee amount
  • Additional information is required to complete the application request or transaction
In any of the above circumstances, all fees collected will be credited back to the original credit card account used for the payment.

Warranties, Indemnities, & Limitation of Liability
The Town of Hinton does not warrant that the online payment service shall function without failure, error or interruption. The Town of Hinton shall not be liable to you for any indirect or incidental, special or consequential damages whatsoever, or for a claim by a third party, arising out of your use or inability to use the online payment service. The maximum liability of the Town of Hinton to you for any claim or action whatsoever related to the online payment service shall not exceed the fees, if any, paid to the Town of Hinton by you. This provision shall apply whether or not the liability results from a claim in tort, including negligence or negligent misrepresentation, or breach of a fundamental term or condition or a fundamental breach of these terms of use.