Values, Mission & Responsibilities

Respectful of our past; creating our future. Hinton is community of opportunity - an active, culturally rich, safe environment in which to grow.

Town Council serves the interests of citizens to enable our community to reach its full potential.  Town Council accomplishes this by:
  • Making decisions to meet the needs of the present without compromising the long-term viability of Hinton
  • Fostering positive relationships
  • Promoting Hinton's strengths and capturing sustainable opportunities
  • Ensuring municipal service delivery supports the changing needs of Hinton
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The Town Council works together in the best interests of our community, fostering positive relationships, promoting Hinton's strengths, and ensuring the delivery of municipal services that supports the changing needs of Hinton; thus enabling all citizens to enjoy a positive quality of life.

Town Council Roles

The Hinton Town Council will:

  • Act as a catalyst for input from the citizens while fostering an open process in decision-making and keeping the public well-informed on issues
  • Be leaders in promoting a sense of community to our residents as well as promoting our town globally
  • Foster open lines of communication and cooperation throughout all levels of our organization while respecting every person's role in implementing council's direction, decisions, and policies
  • Make informed decisions by listening to all parties, acting on the information, and moving on. We will model open and approachable leadership while making these decisions. As a result, we will establish sound policies based on input from all sources

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Town Council