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An outstanding mountain bike skills park that is fun, safe, free of charge, and accessible for all abilities and ages, thereby facilitating the promotion of skills development, active lifestyles and mountain culture.


With over 30 acres of park and countless kilometers of trails, the Hinton Bike park is the largest free access park in the province. The Hinton Mountain Bike Association (HMBA) has completed 2 brand new builds in 2013; an advanced pump track and a new flow trail. Test yourself in the skills area, on the dirt jumps, the downhill trail, or go for a good ride on the countless trails in the area. The Bike Park has 37 Acres of land with 1/4 of that developed as follows:
  • Main Access Trail The Multi User Access Trail is what links all the Bike Park areas together and provides a trail for people to bike/walk/jog and check the place out.
  • Skills Area The skills area was designed with lots of options and progression for all abilities. Rider of all skill levels can session the skill area for hours trying new lines. It's a safe and controlled place to try new features and work on balance.
  • Dirt Jumps The Dirt Jumps were designed to safe by using "table top" jumps instead of regular "gap" dirt jumps. This style of jump allows for good progression because, if you short the landing you still can ride it out. There are 4 sizes 2, 3, 4 and 5 feet tall with 3 sets each and a berm to slow and turn you around at the end.
  • Drop Zone The Drop Zone has 3 drops on the upper slope leading to 4 different drops on lower slope. The progression levels are very good on these drops. Once you get used to the speed and feel of the smaller drops you can try a little bit bigger one.
  • Progression Trail aka. Business Time The Progression Trail was designed as the next step from the Skill Area. It has similar features but located on a single track trail. It's a good little trail for learning to ride features with more flow and speed.
  • Flow Master The Flow Trail is all about flow when you ride it. It has lots of berms and it teaches you how to corner and carry your speed. It's a fun trail to session to get faster on your bike.

Directions from Highway 16 (Yellowhead Highway)

  • Turn onto Switzer Drive off of Highway 16 (Yellowhead Highway) at the set of lights at Arby's.
  • Turn right at the next lights onto Robb Road.
  • Continue on Robb Road once the road turns to gravel. Go an additional 200 metres, then turn right into the Mountain Bike Park parking lot.