Welcome to Hinton Victim Support Services

The Hinton Victim Support Services Unit has partnered with the Hinton RCMP to provide non-judgemental emotional support to victims following a crime or tragedy. The Advocates will respond to inquiries, requests and complaints upon the request of a police member or community agency, or upon contact by a victim.

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    Hinton Victim Services Unit


    Executive Director - Natascha Thoennes

    111 Civic Centre Road 
    Hinton, Alberta T7V 1T8

    Telephone 780-740-2227
    Fax: 780-865-1410

    Emergency 24/7: 911

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Our Vision

A caring community is aware that the unexpected happens and when it does we get through it better together. 

Our Mission

Hinton Victim Support Services provides immediate support to those affected by crime or trauma.

Support line: 780-740-2227

Our Services


There are different kinds of Court Orders to assist in protecting yourself. A Court Order provides some measure of protection but a Safety Plan must also be implemented.

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No one ever expects to be a victim of crime, however when crime or trauma happens it helps to have programs in place to assist you financially, mentally, and your security.

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Our Advocates will try to ensure that victims/witnesses get the information about the criminal justice system that they need (court orientation, accompaniment and follow-up).

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