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Hinton Disabilities Service Assessment

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  2. Hinton Disabilities Services Assessment
    Agency representatives are asked to please complete this short survey about what our community currently offers for people with disabilities. Agency representatives are also invited to join us for a collaborative meeting on November 12.
  3. 2. Does your agency currently offer services for people with disabilities (cognitive or physical)?*
  4. 2. (a) Do services focus on cognitive or physical disabilities?*
  5. 5. We are hosting a Disabilities Services Community Assessment Session on Thursday, November 12. Is one representative from your agency able to attend this session?*
    Please note: in-person attendance is limited to one person per agency due to COVID-19 space restrictions. Attendees are also invited to attend via Zoom.
    The session details are as follows:
    Thursday, November 12
    6:00 - 8:00 pm
    Northern Rockies Museum of Culture & Heritage (downstairs Meeting Room)
  6. Will your agency be attending in-person or through Zoom?
    If more than one representative would like to attend, additional attendees can join via Zoom.
    Zoom links will be sent out before the meeting.
  7. (please add any additional feedback here)
  8. Thank You!
    Thank you for your input. Survey responses will be used to guide our discussion at the Community Assessment Session on November 12. We hope your agency is able to join us for this session.
    If you have any questions, please contact Jenna at or 780-865-6073
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