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East Hardisty Waste Management Pilot


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Current System
  3. 3. Proposed System
  4. 4. Future/Interest Research
  5. 5. Final Note
  • Step One

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    2. Town of Hinton Solid Waste Management Service Pilot

    3. The Town of Hinton Infrastructure Services Division is undertaking an initiative to test a new pilot in the Hardisty district of Hinton. This initiative serves to modernize our waste handling and hauling techniques, providing benefits from the supply level through the operations and on to our citizens usage of the service. The plan sees the town select a new purveyor for garbage cans, as well as modernize trucks hauling units to accommodate the new cans. The new cans come at a cheaper price point, a lower maintenance cost, and a lighter more modern footprint. Further, the new cans are of industry standard design, returning our purchasing procedures to a competitive marketplace, as opposed to a single purveyor as current. Finally, the new cans are also complimented by warranty, relieving some of the early possible maintenance costs. You can help by providing some information regarding your current, and anticipated, waste management services usage.

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