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COVID-19 Teen Supports

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  3. COVID-19 Teen Supports
    The Youth Centre may be closed, but we're still here for you! Please check off any of the services you would be interested in!
  4. We're here for you!
    This is a tough time for everyone and we miss getting together at the Youth Centre, but we're still here to help!
    Please fill out your info so we can follow up and please check off any of the services you might be interested in! We'll get in touch with more information.
  6. Christmas Care Packages
    If you'd like a Christmas package filled with activities, resources, and maybe even a gift, delivered right to your door, we've got you!
  7. Online Youth Centre Programming
    Do you miss your Youth Centre friends? We do too! Let's get together virtually!
  8. Check Ins
    Let's talk! If you want to connect with a phone call or through Facebook, we're here to chat, offer resources, and help.
  9. Self-Care Packages
    If you're running low on personal care items or food, we can help with personalized care packages that we'll bring to you.
  10. Please check off all programs that you might be interested in
  11. If you have other program ideas or other areas of support that would be helpful for you, please let us know!
  12. Thank You!
    You will be contacted through email or phone about the services you're interested in.
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