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  3. 1. List five characteristics that a parent is looking for when hiring a babysitter:
    3 points
  4. 2. Before agreeing to take on a babysitting job, list four things you should ask your employer:
    3 points
  5. 2 points
  6. 4. Give two characteristics of a school-aged child:
    2 points
  7. 2 points
  8. 6. Crying is a baby's primary means of communicating. List three things why a baby would cry:
    3 points
  9. 7. Put the following in order by number. When spoon-feeding a baby food, you should:
  10. 8. When bottle-feeding an infant you should:
  11. 9. Where should you put a child for a time-out?
  12. 10. What is a common cause of seizures in children?
  13. 11. List four places or persons for which or whom you should have phone numbers available when babysitting.
    4 points
  14. 12. Give two examples of ways in which to approach a shy child:
    2 points
  15. 13. List two safe outdoor activities for preschoolers:
    2 points
  16. 14. List four ways to prevent choking and suffocation:
    4 points
  17. 15. If you must bath a child, what are the most important rules that you should remember?
    4 points
  18. 16. List two ways to prevent bumping and pinching injuries:
    2 points
  19. 17. What is the most common reason why children between the ages of three and five wake up during the night?
  20. 18. Medication should only be given to a child when:
  21. 19. A cast is used to prevent the movement of a limb that is:
  22. 20. If a thunderstorm warning has been announced for your area, you should:
  23. 21. If you suspect an intruder is trying to enter the house, you should:
  24. 22. List four common symptoms of a sick child:
    2 points
  25. 23. What should you do if the child in your care starts to vomit?
    4 points
  26. 25. Put the following in order by number. To treat electric shock:
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