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Beaver Boardwalk Priorities


  1. 1. Your Priorities
  2. 2. Your Priorities - Digging Deeper
  3. 3. Community Needs
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  • Your Priorities

    1. Beaver Boardwalk

    2. Beaver Boardwalk Priorities

      To help evaluate community appetite, priorities, and usage, the Beaver Boardwalk Committee of the Town of Hinton is looking for your input.

      Please share insight based on overall Beaver Boardwalk experience.

      Before proceeding, we recommend opening this link to view and familiarize yourself with the regions (here defined as based on proximity) and sections (lengths of boardwalk/trail) identified. This link will help you identify sections within regions using the legend on the left side; distinct sections as lettered will glow when selected. Please feel encouraged to use the menu on the left side as both a legend and customization to using checkboxes to show and hide extra information included for context.

      On February 3, 2020, this form was updated for the sake of accuracy to include labeling on an image, new downloadable pdf map, as well as to include a "none" field on questions regarding area.

      We have received word that some iphones have difficulty viewing our Google Map. If you are experiencing this difficulty, please ensure you have the Google Maps app downloaded and up to date. If this does not resolve the issue, please use the downloadable pdf of our labeled map via this link.

    3. Capture
      Regions  (updated)

      This image is captured from our interactive Google Map. For better understanding and viewing, please use this link We have recently (February 3, 2020) updated this image to include numbering over areas for clarity.

      You can also download a pdf of our labeled map via this link.

    4. What, if any, regions of the boardwalk would you consider a priority for you as a user?*