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  3. Abuse Prevention
    This service helps people learn about ways to stay safe in an abusive situation and about what their rights are in order to prevent abuse.
    Additionally, education is provided to the general public and to agencies on how to identify, prevent, and address situations of domestic abuse.
    Specific services offered include Family Violence Prevention, Elder Abuse Prevention, and Sexual Assault Support Services.
  4. Family Events
    To encourage families to get involved in the community, community-wide family-friendly events are offered. These events are designed to keep families engaged and having fun year-round, and include events such as Puzzle Palooza, the Kids Can Catch Fishing Day, and annual family dances. These events build a strong sense of community.
  5. Family & Community Dinner Program
    This program offers a monthly meal to residents through partnerships and donations. Community partners volunteer to prepare meals and local organizations donate funds to purchase meals. Meals and location vary each month based on the plans of the community partner. It is a free meal open to anyone in the community.
    (this program is currently not running due to COVID-19)
  6. Family Education & Support
    If you're looking for some one-on-one support or education for your family, we can help with customized supports.
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