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Hinton Business Survey- COVID-19 Impacts

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  2. Hinton Business Survey - COVID-19 Impacts

    Our primary goal is to identify immediate and emerging business needs and trends, in order to ensure all of our economic development partners, and key stakeholders are able to provide the best response possible.

  3. How long has your business been in operation?

  4. Is Your Business a Franchise?

  5. Type of location where you provide your products/services (Check all that apply)

  6. How has the COVID-19 issue impacted your organization to date? (Select all that are relevant.)

  7. Do you have employees?

  8. What is the status of your employees?

  9. Do you have a plan to assist your employees?

  10. Do you have general business continuity insurance?

  11. Does your business insurance cover loss of income, inventory and/or interruption of business?

  12. Can your business model be adapted to service customers without being physically open? (e.g. deliveries/online, etc.)

  13. Do you have a supplier or vendor list to advise them of the status of your business?

  14. Do you have a customer list to advise them of the status of your business?

  15. How long will you be able to manage your operating and/or business expenses?

  16. What are your immediate needs (Check all that apply)

  17. What resources do you believe you will need within the next one to two weeks? (Check all that apply)

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