Peace Bonds
Peace Bond
A court order that requires an individual to ‘keep the peace’ and obey any other conditions ordered by the court. A peace bond is issued under the Criminal Code and is granted by a criminal court for anyone in need of protection.

Application for a Peace Bond
- The victim does not need a lawyer to obtain a peace bond
- The victim contacts the Provincial Court Criminal Division Clerk’s Office or the local police to request a peace bond
- Requires an in-person hearing to have a summons issued for the defendant. In addition, the victim will have to attend court to give evidence at a hearing of why the other person is a threat. Victims should always report the acts to police first
to determine if a criminal offence has occurred
- The Crown prosecutor will assist the victim with the actual hearing
- No court fees for application

Peace Bond Conditions
- Can be ordered for a maximum of 12 months
- Can include no contact conditions, area restrictions, weapons prohibitions and other conditions the court thinks are desirable to secure the good conduct of the defendant (i.e. counseling)
- Violation of a peace bond is a criminal offence and an offender who breaches a peace bond can be arrested and charged. The penalty for violating a peace bond can range from probation to a fine to a term of imprisonment for up to two
- Peace bonds are public documents. Some individuals (i.e. those in same gender relationships) may be reluctant to apply

Things to Remember
- It is helpful for the victim to keep a copy of the peace bond with them to show police, if needed
- If the respondent violates the peace bond, the claimant should contact police immediately
- If the respondent is unlikely to comply with the peace bond, the police may not be able to protect the claimant. The claimant should arrange for other safety measures as well as the peace bond

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