How Can I Contact Courthouses?
Alberta Justice Court house – Hinton
Ph: 780-865-8280 Fax: 780-865-8253
237 Jasper St West, Hinton, AB

Provincial Court – Edmonton – Queen’s Bench
Ph: 780-422-2200

Civil Division, Main Floor Law Courts
1A, Sir Winston Churchill Square Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0R2

Edmonton Courts Services
For General Information Call:
780-427-2745 or 780-422-2426 (Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday)

Family Justice Services
Ph: 780-865-8384 Fax: 780-865-8253 780-361-1204
237 Jasper Street West, Pembina Avenue, Hinton,AB

Court of Queen’s Bench – Criminal Division
Ph: 780-422-2410

Community Corrections
Ph: 780-865-8270 Fax: 780-865-8319
560 Carmichael Lane, Hinton AB

Crown Prosecutor’s Office
Ph: 780-865-8285
2nd Floor, Mount Miette Building, 201 Pembina Ave, Hinton, AB

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