When is the best time of year to see birds?
May and June are the best times - migrant species are passing through or breeding, and breeding birds are active, voal and visible. Birds are alway present. If you visit in winter you will see how hardy resident species cope with the cold season.

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1. How long do beavers live?
2. How much does a beaver weigh?
3. What do beavers eat?
4. How many bird species are found in the Beaver Boardwalk area?
5. When is the best time of year to see birds?
6. How can I learn about birds?
7. How long is the boardwalk?
8. How was the boardwalk built over the wet areas?
9. What is the preservative on the wood?
10. How much did the Beaver Boardwalk cost?
11. Who provided the funding?
12. Who provided in-kind contributions?
13. Who came up with the idea to build the Beaver Boardwalk?
14. Is there more work to do?
15. How many volunteers have worked on the Beaver Boardwalk?