Next Steps in the Municipal Land Development Process

Development Agreement (DA)– is required when a property that is to be subdivided and/or developed requires certain municipal services and infrastructure to be constructed to municipal standards such as but not limited to:

  • Services for water, sanitary and storm water management.
  • Road development to give access to the development and any other internal roadway system, as well as pedestrian walkways and parking facilities, for example. This may also include components of access that require approval from Alberta Transportation depending on the development.
  • Posting of financial security that the municipality can retain should the developer default on the development agreement.
  • Any other specific agreed upon components of the development.

Development Permits (DP) - issued in accordance with the land use district for permitted and/or discretionary uses, parcel dimensions, setbacks, and massing & coverage, for example. The DP outlines conditions for the construction of the building(s) that shall meet the provisions of the Land Use Bylaw. Applicant shall submit required drawings such as elevations, exterior design, colour and materials, landscaping & grading, parking, loading, signage, and also pay the DP application fees and deposits.

Building Permits (BP) – A Development Permit precedes the Building Permit. The Development Services Department receives the Building Permit Application and submitted drawings and fees on behalf of the Inspections Group. The package is then submitted to the Inspections Group for review and issuance of the Building Permit. Inspections Group is an independent third party that completes the document review inspections and issues the permits for all building permit applications.

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