What is an Expression of Interest (EOI) process and how does it work?

The main objective in advertising requests for expressions of interest (EOI) is to inform as many eligible consultants/service providers/purchasers etc. as possible about an opportunity. Information contained in the EOI will be used to prepare a short list of the most qualified proponents that will subsequently be invited to submit a proposal for an assignment. Fundamentally important, an EOI is the key opportunity for proponents to differentiate themselves from their competitors during the crucial early selection phase of an assignment. The process of getting on the shortlist is competitive, and the proponents use the EOI to sell their capabilities and expertise.

In reviewing EOIs, one of the main considerations may be technical and managerial capacity, best qualifications, and relevant experience to the intent of the EOI objective. Unlike the more formal proposal review process, an EOI is not evaluated according to a points-based system but rather whether minimum requirements for eligibility have been met. As such an EOI is not expected to be a detailed bid or proposal and is prepared and submitted with all costs born by the proponent.

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1. What is an Expression of Interest (EOI) process and how does it work?
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