Aside from businesses, how does the community benefit from #HintonFirst?

In many ways! Residents sharing positive local experiences help others to understand and appreciate what makes Hinton a great place to live, visit and do business. Hinton is a community that looks out for one another; what sets us apart is our willingness to help when help is needed. Our town is strong, and our people are genuine.

Building in a new take on the previous shop local economics messaging, the vision for #HintonFirst is to help you understand that supporting local businesses provides employment to locals, attracts new business, as well as aids in the local support given to youth programs, community events and non-profit organizations. Choosing #HintonFirst also serves to retain the services we currently have, as our existing business base requires ongoing support to... exist

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1. Does this mean I need to make all my purchases in Hinton?
2. What I need isn't currently available at a Hinton Business. Can I still support #HintonFirst?
3. Why is thinking locally such an issue?
4. Aside from businesses, how does the community benefit from #HintonFirst?
5. What does the phrase "vote with dollars" mean?
6. What does this have to do with taxes?