Why is thinking locally such an issue?

When you spend time or money here in Hinton, most of the benefit of that action stays here. But when you go out of town, the businesses you support or causes that benefit don’t have any cause to invest in your community. They don’t pay municipal taxes, they don’t buy from local suppliers, provide time or money to the many events in our community, or employ local people. Sometimes, buying an item online or at a warehouse store may be the cheapest option, but when you consider the costs of not having the businesses that offer those items or services in town, the price starts to rise dramatically.

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1. Does this mean I need to make all my purchases in Hinton?
2. What I need isn't currently available at a Hinton Business. Can I still support #HintonFirst?
3. Why is thinking locally such an issue?
4. Aside from businesses, how does the community benefit from #HintonFirst?
5. What does the phrase "vote with dollars" mean?
6. What does this have to do with taxes?