Can I place extra garbage by the side of the garbage container?

Residents cannot place extra garbage outside of their bins because this can cause a litter and animal problem.  Our automated garbage collection system operators cannot pick up garbage that is not placed properly inside of the bins.  If residents have too much waste for their bin they must haul it to the landfill or keep it and place it in their bin for the following scheduled garbage pick up.  The garbage bins are of sufficient size to accommodate one week’s worth of waste or more.  Many customers regularly wait two weeks before they require their bins to be emptied.  If residents regularly produce too much garbage, the Town encourages reducing waste by recycling.  Bylaw 933 prohibits residents from placing more than 70 kilograms (154 lbs) of waste in their garbage receptacle and prohibits overfilling the garbage bins whereby the lid will not close properly.  All waste placed in these receptacles must be bound or packaged to avoid spillage and items blowing out during the collection operations.  Contact info: Infrastructure Services

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1. Can I place extra garbage by the side of the garbage container?
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