What are Education taxes?
The Town of Hinton is required by legislation to bill and collect school taxes on behalf of the provincial government. The Town bills and collects school taxes, however, the municipality has no jurisdiction or control over school board budgets or operations. According to the Municipal Government Act, the Town is required to include the requisition amounts for education and seniors’ housing.

Each year the province calculates the amount that each municipality must contribute towards the public education system. The calculation is based on a formula that includes the amount of assessment in each municipality.

Municipalities are notified of the amount they must collect in education property taxes. They then set an appropriate local education property tax rate. The education tax rate is then applied to the assessed value of your property to determine your education property taxes for the year. Municipalities collect education property taxes from their ratepayers and submit the funds to the province.

Visit http://education.alberta.ca/admin/funding/tax.aspx for more information.

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