When does Hinton Town Council reconsider a decision they have made?
Town Council will rarely reconsider a decision they have made. Generally, when decisions materially affect the community as a whole, a consultation period exists where all public input is invited before the decision is made. It’s a wonderful opportunity to participate in decisions affecting your community. This is an important time period where citizens have an opportunity to weigh in before a decision is made. While public comment is crucial to council’s decision making, it is combined with individual councillors own beliefs and sense of what is in the best interest long-term before they vote.

To reconsider a council decision, one of the councillors who voted in the majority must move to reconsider the matter and get the support of a majority of seven members of council to put the matter back on the agenda. Why would the majority of Town council support that when the opportunity for public input already existed? Hinton Town Council values your timely input as your opportunity on important issues to provide feedback between elections. Sometimes, citizens assume a proposed motion or by-law will get support, and therefore don’t submit their comments before a decision is made. This can lead to disappointment after the decision” is made. Please don’t assume the proposal will be supported. Public comments supporting and not supporting a matter, preferably with reasons, should be provided. Particularly when public feedback was invited, Hinton town council will not reconsider the matter. It’s easy, simply go to Town’s main website under “Hinton Listens” and-then “share a concern”, or phone your favorite councillor, or answer a Town survey, etc., etc. Bottom line, to be heard, please submit your comments in a timely fashion when invited to do so.

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