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Facility Rules 2019-2020

Hinton Recreation wishes to inform all users of the following rules, which will be enforced through the 2019-2020 season at the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre

  • Do not go on the early or if the bay doors are open. This allows the ice to freeze after a flood.
  • Do not hang over the boards in the players boxes. Remain on the bench or player entrances during floods.
  • No shooting of pucks or continuing of drills once bay doors open.
  • Direct supervision of youth groups in the dressing rooms and on ice is MANDATORY.  Coaches shall ensure that the dressing room is vacated, locked and left in acceptable condition when key is returned to customer service clerk. 
  • Dressing rooms must be vacated within 45 minutes after the scheduled ice slot.
  • Absolutely no alcohol, smoking, vaping, or cannabis use in the facility.
  • No hockey in any of the dressing rooms or hallways.
  • No horseplay, rough housing or fighting in the facility.
  • Spitting on floors, walls and in players boxes will not be tolerated.
  • No food on the benches.
  • If food is in the dressing rooms, clean up after yourself.
  • Keep the dressing rooms tidy.
  • Lock and return the dressing room key to the front desk once you are finished. If the key goes missing, the person who signed it out will be held liable.
  • Disrespectful language and behavior towards anyone (staff members, officials, patrons or user groups) within this facility will not be tolerated.
  • If any evidence of inappropriate behavior or disrespect to the dressing rooms or facility the bonds will be cashed, and the group/individual shall lose any subsequent ice allocations until another bond is posted.
Thank you for your compliance with these facility rules. 
Have a safe and fun season!
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