ToH Animal Control Bylaw #1122

At the Regular Council Meeting of October 2, 2018, Council passed the Animal Control Bylaw #1122.

Below is your guide to the bylaw’s major changes. For a full review of the bylaw, please visit

Dangerous Animals

This area of the bylaw has been strengthened to provide additional safety to the community. Dangerous animals are defined as any animal, whatever its age, whether on public or private property, that has chased, injured or bitten any other animal or human; damaged or destroyed any public or private property; threatened or created the reasonable apprehension of a threat to a human; or has been previously determined to be a dangerous animal under this bylaw.

The criteria for housing, care and public protection are included in the bylaw. As well, fines for noncompliance have been increased to bring them in line with other communities.

Off-leash and On-leash Areas

Off-leash and on-leash areas have been updated. New signage will be installed to indicate when you are moving into an off-leash area. The maps below indicate where off-leash and on-leash areas are within Hinton town limits.


The Town of Hinton’s Animal Control Bylaw has always required pet owners to register their pets with Bylaw Services. Registration for pets has been updated to allow for a 1 year, 3 year or lifetime registration. Keeping your contact information up to date with Bylaw Services will ensure that if your pet is at large, officers can return it to your home, avoiding a stay at the SPCA. Tags are provided in-house when you register. As a reminder – cats need licenses too!

Over Limit Permit

If you possess more than two of any species of animal, you are required under the Animal Control Bylaw to complete an over limit permit process with Bylaw Services. Approval of the over limit permit is based a number of factors, including yard space, proximity to neighbours’ houses, size of the animal, type of animal, fencing, and any previous incidents on file. 


Over the next month, additional materials in support of this bylaw will be developed, including a pamphlet, updated web content and reminders regarding registration and other areas of the bylaw.

If you have questions, please feel welcome to contact Bylaw Services at 780-865-6009.

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