Street Cleaning Update
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Street Sweeping Final Update

All travelers are asked to be aware of street sweepers on roadways and plan for some delays as we work to keep our community looking its best

As announced in the April 17 Council Briefs, Town of Hinton crews have been hard at work in the early stages of street cleaning for more than two months now, following a delayed start due to late season snow.

The Town of Hinton is proud to announce that today, we will begin street sweeping in our final areas for preliminary sweeping. This morning, we have moved to the golf course area, including Woodley, Trestle Place, etc. Primary street sweeping will be completed no later than end of day Tuesday, at which time we will be starting our ongoing sweeping program, with a main focus shifting to pothole and sign repair.

Signs announcing street cleaning are generally posted in advance of the cleaners reaching each section of the community. We aim to give 24 hours notice so vehicles can be moved. We thank all residents for your continued cooperation in moving vehicles. 

Please keep in mind all schedules are tentative and may be impacted by a variety of factors including changing weather. Please refer to the FAQ's below for further information.

Residents are asked to please be patient if you see the signs announcing our intent to move into your area, and understand that we may be delayed by weather getting to you.

FAQ's/Further Information

Where will you start? Why am I last?
Town of Hinton crews first clean highway areas, then our main arterial routes, then green spaces and boulevards (so as not to impede grass growth). Once these areas are all completed, the crews move into residential areas. On occasion, some residential streets adjoining priority areas may be lightly cleaned, but not completed. All residential street cleaning activities are done via an annually rotating hierarchy of importance; this years rotation will see us in the Thompson Lake Subdivision, then the Valley, then Hill.

Sweepers Came, and then Left before Completing!
Hinton has alternating elevations, and a wide span. As result, sometimes weather events can hit the hill, but not the valley, or vice versa. If we start in your area and then leave due to weather, that doesn't mean your area is considered completed - we'll come back for you!

Is this the Only Sweeping Activities of the Year?
It's important to note this is the first sweep of the year, and that street sweeping is an ongoing job that Town of Hinton undertake all summer and into the fall. If an area is not well swept due to cars parked or other concerns, we sweep almost continuously all season and these areas will be addressed. 

Please Obey all Signage
Please remove your vehicles when you see street sweeping notifications sign – or when you see the street cleaning equipment in the area. Hinton Peace Officers will be patrolling each area to ensure that all vehicles have been removed so the sweeping crews can do a more complete sweeping job.

Other Work Also to be Completed
In addition to street cleaning activities, crews will be patching potholes, washing signs, cleaning guardrails and bridge decks over the coming weeks. Fresh line painting will be commencing after the streets have been cleaned and the frost is out of the ground.

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