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Firehall Improvements Project Overview

To provide our community with further information on the ongoing Meadow Drive Project, we have compiled important information into one CivicSend.

Project Location: Fire Hall  
Construction Budget: $ 224,400.00                          
Construction Time Frame:  July-August 2018
Note: The construction of this project will subject to weather considerations and season.  

Project Scope: The Fire Hall completed construction plan view is depicted below:

Scope of Work

The Scope of Work (SOW) is the area in an agreement where the work to be performed is described.

• New pedestrian sidewalk access with wheel chair access from Eaton Road.
• Accessible parking stall from street to safely access the ramp.
• Drainage upgrades and generator pad replacement.

Construction Program:

The construction is scheduled to take place in two phases. Public Access to the Firehall and EMS Ambulance will remain open to the public during construction.   We ask that the Public acknowledge construction signage to direct pedestrian traffic and to ensure safety remains first and foremost to all. 

Phase 1: Work will start at the back of the Fire Hall, removal of a portion of the existing asphalt, establishing positive storm water grading with a concrete swale and natural drainage system away from the site. The existing generator pad will be removed and reinstalled. 

Phase 2: Work will then move from the back of the Fire Hall to the street face. Perimeter parking along one side of Eaton Road will be maintained during this phase.

Project Understanding:

Bylaw Services moved from operating out of the RCMP Services Building into the Fire Hall in 2014.  The Firehall was not originally designed to support providing services and accessibility to the public at large and as such has seen interior renovations over the past couple of years and the outside rehabilitation of a sidewalk provide direction to the public and keep them away from the emergency exists for firehall service vehicles.  
The rear rehabilitation work supports constructing positive storm water management from the site.  The training facility uses significant volumes of water and the site was becoming saturated with signs of established trees falling over and the generator pad heaving.   The construction will support positive drainage away from the site and ensure the building is not impacted.   

Project Partners:

From conception in 2017 through to construction completion, the Town of Hinton and ISL Engineering and Land Services, work in partnership to design, engineer and deliver a project on schedule and budget. GS Construction, the General Contractor, is the successful bidder from the Pre-Qualification(RFPQ) tendering process and has worked with the Town of Hinton and ISL Engineering and Land Services. Together we have been able to design and achieve cost savings in the budget through using everyone’s expertise. Border Paving (a local business) is also recognized as supporting the project with their local knowledge.   

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