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Town of Hinton Snow Clearing Plan: Feb. 13-21, 2018

With significant snowfall accumulation, The Town of Hinton is aware of difficulty experienced by area residents and travellers. We ask for your patience while we work to make our area roadways as safe as possible for all drivers. ISB staff have set in motion a systemic plan, which we wish to share with you below. The plan attempts to take into account long term forecasts for both warming and cooling, as well as the rotational basis for priority of residential clearing; please note, however, that these plans are subject to change.

Above all, the Town of Hinton asks that drivers please watch for our staff and make all attempts to give them space to work, including proactively moving vehicles and not passing plow and truck teams, as this can cause dangerous conditions for staff and other drivers alike. 

The first priority  for Town of Hinton staff is our main arterial routes. With most of the main roadways travelable, Town staff and contractors will soon be, or already are, working in residential areas. Residential areas will be addressed in the following order over the coming days. Please note that the plan is weather dependant – should any significant snowfall occur, staff will need to return to main arteries. 


Timelines from our previous update have been pushed back due to necessary snow drift mitigation and slower than anticipated progress moving through areas. Currently, crews are anticipated to address Balsam, Fir, and Wanyandi, as well as some areas of Mountain, over the course of operations on Wednesday.  


Thursday will see crews address the north side of the Mountain Street area, the Eaton area, as well as drift cleanup work throughout the community. Please note that while drift cleanup occurs, crews may move into your area, clear drifts, and then move on; this does not necessarily mean residential cleanup is considered completed in your area. 

Friday; Possibly Saturday, Conditions Dependant

Crews are expected to be working in the Mcleod area on Friday, and may continue working in that area on Saturday. 

Week of February 19 

The Terrace Heights area is anticipated to be addressed early next week, followed by the areas behind Parks West Mall. Following the completion of these two areas, crews will be moving into the Thompson Lake Subdivision. 

Please note that the plan is weather dependant – should any significant snowfall occur, staff will need to return to main arteries. 

Why No Valley Locations Yet?

The Town of Hinton operates a three year alternating cycle of priority for residential clearing, in effort to ensure fairness to all residents. This cycle divides the areas of Hinton into three portions. Last year, the Valley Area received first priority; this year, the Hill does. Next year, the Thompson Lake area will receive priority, and the year following, the Valley once again.

Please note, just because areas in the Valley are currently in lower priority rotation does not mean that urgent concerns, Valley arterial routes, or snowdrifts in this area will not be addressed - these concerns are dealt with either before, or while, residential clearing takes place. 

Thank you for your patience. Please call 780-865-2634 for further information.

Home Sidewalk Clearing

It is important to also note that homeowners and occupants have a responsibility in snow clearing. As per the Town of Hinton's Nuisance Bylaw (1101), a property owner is responsible for the removal of snow, ice, and other debris on all sidewalks fronting or flanking the property. In failing to remove the snow and ice, the property owner becomes liable for any accident or injury resulting or caused by such. For the safety of all persons, the Town of Hinton requests that all property owners maintain their sidewalks as necessitated by weather conditions.

Please also note that as per Bylaw 1101 (Nuisance bylaw) approved on October 6th, 2015, the disposal of snow from private lands to public lands requires expressed permission from the CAO.  

Please contact Bylaw Services at 780-865-6009 for more information.  

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