Town of Hinton Administration tasked with new Strategic Plan for 2017-2021

During the February 6, 2018, Regular Meeting of Hinton Town Council, Council adopted their strategic plan after months of discussion.

A strategic plan is everything for an organization. It represents, and includes, the organizations mission statement, through its values, and into its plans. Strategic plans do not just identify goals, but they also point to objectives and key strategies in working towards those goals. Hinton’s strategic plan also aligns with our Community Sustainability Plan, working towards our community’s vision of what Hinton will look like in 2040.

Council 2017-2022 have chosen four goals to identify in their strat plan. 

  1. Responsibly grow, develop, and diversify the town of Hinton
  2. Increase Hinton’s housing choices to provide affordability and attainability for all
  3. Foster innovative, efficient, and exceptional service delivery
  4. Maintain safe and reliable infrastructure able to meet the needs of the community

In addition, the plan identifies one ongoing strategic priority in the Mountain Pine Beetle threat. Council and Administration are prepared to address concerns regarding MPB over the next four years, including a commitment to dedicate resources to explore prevention and control strategies. 

More About the Goals

Growing the town

Goal one is split into two objectives; strategically developing and diversifying Hinton’s economy, and working with regional partners to increase the population. This Goal identifies the development of planning documents and strategies bringing into focus economic development, land acquisition, marketing, business retention, and economic diversification. Part of this process will identify gaps in available goods and services, which will strengthen Hinton’s business network to make Hinton a positive environment for new and existing business. The second objective also targets sustaining and expanding the concept of year-round recreating and adventure based tourism. 

Full Continuum Housing Solutions
Consideration for the entire housing continuum will address issues encountered by all prospective Hinton home buyers. While an objective specifically address a focus on seniors housing, the lack of housing options represents a challenge for more than just seniors; without adequate seniors housing options, senior citizens are more likely to continue to live in homes that might become more difficult to maintain, or otherwise bought by families and young couples.  Families, therefore, are also encountering few options, which may prevent younger people or couples from becoming homeowners.

Exceptional Service
With five key strategies attached to it, service delivery will be top of mind in the coming years for the Town Administration. Developing a communications strategy, creating a culture of excellence, developing a consultative approach to operations planning, building relationships with community connectors, and developing a new philosophy to consumer matters will all contribute to exceptional customer service.

Infrastructure considerations in the coming years are made under a pair of key points; ensuring that the Town is ready for growth, and ensuring that decisions made are informed ones. For a rec centre, that means an understanding of programming needs in the community, and the long-term impacts of a new facility. For water, that means finding a long term sustainable provision of water for our community. For everything else, that means continuing the preventive maintenance programs, while working towards a fully implemented infrastructure asset management program. 

What Happens Next?

Administration receives this plan, and turns into actions. Those actions can be any number of things, from department specific plans or targets to cross division strategies. Work undertaken by Administration under this new plan is all in the pursuit of the goals identified within this document.

Find the whole plan online, here

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