Town of Hinton and West Fraser Mills Ltd. Sign Transition Agreement

West Fraser Mills Ltd. and the Town of Hinton have signed a Transition Agreement that will see West Fraser Mills Ltd. continue providing potable water services to May 31, 2018.

Since the 1950’s, West Fraser has been providing potable water to the residents and businesses in Hinton.   Previously, West Fraser gave the Town notice, effective December 31, 2017, that they will be withdrawing from their contracted role of treating potable water to the Town of Hinton.

The Transition Agreement was recently introduced by the Parties as a means to cover the period from January 1, 2018 until the transition to Phase 1, when the Town of Hinton will take over the operation of specific components of the water treatment process.  This is currently estimated to occur on or before May 2018, pending the provision of an Approval by Alberta Environment and Parks (Provincial Regulator).  The Transition Agreement defines how West Fraser will continue to operate and maintain the water treatment process during this term.

Two other agreements are being finalized between the parties:

  1. Interim Water Services Agreement which sets out how West Fraser will provide water to the Town of Hinton, such that the Town of Hinton can then treat and provide potable water to its residents and businesses. The Interim Water Services Agreement will cover the period from the date of implementation Phase 1 until the completion of Phase 2, when the Town of Hinton will bypass any remaining components of the water treatment process being operated by West Fraser during Phase 1.
  2. Umbrella Agreement which sets out the process for how the Town of Hinton will move forward with a full transfer of the water treatment process to the Town.
“The Town of Hinton and West Fraser Mills Ltd. have a long history of working together to provide potable water services to our community,” says Mayor Marcel Michaels. “The completion of the Transition Agreement is the first step towards the Town of Hinton taking full responsibility of delivering this critical service to our community.”

The Town of Hinton will continue negotiating with West Fraser for the long-term, sustainable provision of potable water for our community.  Updates will be provided to residents as information becomes available.  

For Further Information

For further information, please contact:

Town of Hinton

 On or before January 1, 2018
Wendy Jones
Acting Chief Administrative Officer
Telephone:  780-865-6077

January 2, 2018 or later
Stephane Labonne
Chief Administrative Officer
Telephone:  780-865-6003
West Fraser
Brian Grantham
General Manager – Hinton Pulp Division
Telephone:  780-865-2251

Garry Power
Hinton Pulp Controller
Telephone: 780-865-2251

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