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In-Line Inspection between Hinton Pump Station , AB and Hargreaves Trap Site, BC

October 24 – November 20, 2017*

This message was received by the Town of Hinton from Kinder Morgan and the Trans Mountain Project, and is being reshared through our CivicSend channels for our residents information. Please note the contact information at the bottom for further information. 

Please note the revised timing for completing the in-line inspection. We thank you for your patience and cooperation while we complete this work. During the inspection, the Jasper Dog Park – Off-leash Area located at Sleepy Hollow Road and Hazel Avenue will be closed from October 28, 6:00 pm – November 21, 8:30 am. *Please note revised timing for the closure.

As part of ongoing Reactivation planning for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP), Trans Mountain and its contractors are completing in-line inspection (ILI) of the original 24-inch diameter pipeline between Hinton Pump Station and Hargreaves Trap site. This work consists of preparations and ILI smart tool runs, and is scheduled to occur no earlier than October 24 and be completed by November 20, 2017*. This work is required to obtain integrity information on the reactivation pipeline segments and is not part of TMEP construction. Reactivation of the pipeline segment from Hinton to Hargreaves is authorized under the original OC-2 certificate of public convenience and necessity (CPCN) for the existing pipeline. The work involves passing four high resolution tools through a section of pipeline (approximately 150 km in length) to collect integrity data and determine the condition of the pipe with respect to geometry, corrosion and cracking. Two of the four tools can be joined together, resulting in a total of three ILI tool runs. The tools will be propelled through the pipeline using pressurized nitrogen. During the inspection, crew members will be placing breadbox-sized above-ground markers along the right-of-way at approximately 2 km intervals ahead of the tool. The markers are left in place for a short period of time to track the tools. The data will then be analyzed by our Technical Services department. If any anomalies are found, those pipeline locations will be further  investigated in the field and repaired if necessary.

Work at the Hinton Pump Station
The Hinton Pump Station is located approximately 16 km west of the Town of Hinton. To run the ILI tools, nitrogen pumping and storage equipment will be mobilized from the Edmonton area along the Highway 16 route to the Hinton Pump Station Liquefied nitrogen will be delivered from the Edmonton area to the Hinton Pump Station, requiring approximately 200 transport vehicles over the course of the work. The pumping and storage equipment will be located in the Hinton Pump Station and areas immediately adjacent to the station. The liquefied nitrogen will be vaporized and injected into the pipeline to propel the ILI tools through the pipe to the receipt trap at Hargreaves.

Each ILI tool run will progress 24 hours per day and will take one to three days for each run. The three tool runs will be achieved over a period of 10 to 14 days. There will be minimal hydrocarbon odours at Hinton Station resulting from this ILI work, however, during this period, the public may notice:

  • Increased vehicle traffic, particularly transport vehicles, along HWY 16
  • Noise generated from nitrogen pumpers (or venting), compressors, generators, impact wrenches, cranes and other mobile equipment

Work at the Hargreaves Trap Site
The Hargreaves Trap Site is located approximately 2 km west of Mount Robson Provincial Park. At Hargreaves, nitrogen from each of the three tool runs will be vented from the pipe to the atmosphere and the ILI tools will be removed at the end of each run. Venting silencers will be used to reduce level of noise for all three runs and a gas scrubbing unit will be used for the first tool run to reduce hydrocarbon vapour. If in close proximity to this work, the public may notice:

  • Higher noise levels than usual
  • Hydrocarbon vapour odour

Public Safety During the Activity
The safety of the public and workers during the test is Kinder Morgan Canada’s first priority. For the public’s safety, access to the sections of the pipeline right-of-way will be restricted where ILI runs are being performed. Ground patrols and extra signage posted in the area will be used to guide the public away from the pipeline sections under inspection, with particular focus on areas where the public gathers near the pipeline right-of-way to view the scenery or wildlife. Members of the public observed in the restricted area will be asked to vacate, and for any vehicles stranded on Highway 16 adjacent to the pipeline right-of-way during the test period, arrangements will be made at Kinder Morgan Canada’s expense to move the vehicles and occupants away from the restricted area.

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* Timeline subject to change.
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