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West Fraser Guild: Home of the Performing Arts Theatre Hinton Officially Opened to the Public

At 2pm on Friday, September 29, 2017, Mayor Rob Mackin was proud to officially cut the ribbon for The West Fraser Guild: Home of the Performing Arts Theatre Hinton. 

The performance and arts venue boasts retractable seats, state of the art projection and sound equipment, and retractable projection screen. It is tastefully lit using LED accent lighting, it includes a concession/bar space, and two permanent public art installations. 

The West Fraser Guild: Home of the Performing Arts Theatre Hinton represents a new home not just for the Performing Arts Community, but for Culture in all of its forms, right here in Hinton. 

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West Fraser Joins as Naming Sponsor

The Town of Hinton is pleased to announce a new partnership with West Fraser,  a naming sponsorship for The Guild building. 

West Fraser has provided the following statement: 

West Fraser and its predecessors have harvested and regenerated forests in the Hinton area since 1955. These forests provide clean water and air, recreational opportunities and habitat for a diverse range of fish and wildlife species while generating a sustainable supply of timber. West Fraser has continually reinvested to create highly efficient facilities which provide skilled jobs and support local families.  We take great pride in our long and proud history of environmental performance and social responsibility. We also value long term relationships that are built by working alongside hundreds of local contractors, small businesses, government representatives and community members.

A bronze plaque is being cast to be installed in the facility permanently in recognition of this contribution. At this time, a temporary sign has been erected. 

Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available

Any individual, group, or business can still get involved as a brick and mortar sponsor for the The West Fraser Guild: Home of the Performing Arts Theatre Hinton until October 15, 2017. 

The "Take a Seat" campaign will continue until December 31, 2017. 

For more information on Sponsorship Opportunities, view the sponsorship CivicSend, available here.


During the Regular Council Meeting on December 1, 2015 Hinton Town Council made a decision stating: “That the Arts Venue project be advanced as a full build-out costing up to $6 million, with any shortfall in funding (once grants, sponsorships, community fundraising etc. are maximized) be covered by a 4.5 million debenture”.    

The motivation behind the Performing Arts Venue was to create a place for theatre production, cinema, lecture hall and exhibit space where arts and cinema can have a home in our community and region.  This dedicated multi-use space defines Hinton as a community that supports, invests, grows and celebrates the value of arts and cinema, and the ways in which they strengthen and enrich our region.

The Performing Arts Venue replaces the Roxy Theatre which was destroyed by fire in 2009. The Guild site is now identified as a destination for performing arts and theatre.  

Find Out More: 

There are still more opportunities to visit the PATH; Arts on Fire is scheduled for Saturday at 7pm, with tickets still available at the Hinton Chamber of Commerce and Government Centre. ASH will also host a series of Open Houses at the PATH, start on Monday October 2nd from 12:00pm-9:00pm, running daily until Saturday October 7, when the hours will be 10:00am-9:00pm.

For information on the Town of Hinton PAV project, visit its webpage, available here.

For information on the Public Art Installations, view the announcement CivicSend, available here.

For information on the Arts Society of Hinton,  who will now operate the facility, visit the PATH webpage, available here.

For information on West Fraser, visit their website, available here.

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