Hinton Peace Officers

Protective Services Update for July

Parking Trailers
With summer & camping season in full swing, Protective services would like to remind residents of a couple of our bylaws to avoid unnecessary fines and/or towing of vehicles:
- As per the Town of Hinton Traffic Bylaw 1023 S10.06, No person shall park any trailer, whether designed for occupancy by persons or for the carrying of goods or equipment upon any highway (or roadway), unless said trailer is attached to a vehicle by which it may be propelled or drawn.
- Also, as per the Town of Hinton Traffic Bylaw 1023 S10.14, No person shall leave a vehicle standing on a street in one location for more than 72 consecutive hours.  Any such vehicle shall be considered to be abandoned and shall be towed away and impounded, where it will remain until claimed by the owner or his agent.

Young Drivers/Distracted Driving
In Alberta, July is Distracted Drivers / Young Drivers Awareness Month.  Local law Enforcement will be focusing on distracted drivers and encouraging young drivers to drive safely.
Please remember, Cell phone use while driving is dangerous.  Distracted driving is 100% preventable. 
One way to encourage a dialogue around distracted driving is to pledge to your children or other loved ones that you will be an attentive driver.

Mowing Grass on Properties
The Town of Hinton would like to thank our residents for their work in helping clean and maintain lawns and adjacent roadside green spaces throughout our community. With a particularly rainy spring and early summer, the grass and weeds have been growing quickly, but residents are doing a great job in keeping up.
The Town would, however, like to encourage all residents to try, where they are able, to also maintain grassy areas on the rear or back alley areas of their properties.
By working together, we can all keep our town beautiful and well maintained.

Taxi Cab Rules

Earlier this week, we released some information regarding taxicab regulations in Hinton. 

Missed it? You can find it here: Taxi-Cab Rules CivicSend

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