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What is and isn't allowed in a Taxi-Cab?

Following questions received by Hinton Protective Services regarding Taxi Cabs in the Hinton Area, the Town of Hinton would like to share some important information with residents regarding what is and isn’t permitted in these types of vehicles.

Can I drink while being transported in a cab?

No individual being transported in a taxi cab is permitted to drink or have on their person an open bottle of alcohol, in accordance with section 87.1 c) of the Gaming and Liquor Act.

Can I smoke in a Taxi Cab?

No. The tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act defines all bus, taxi, or other vehicles that is used to transport members of the public for a fee as a public vehicle; Section 3 of that act forbids smoking in all public vehicles.

Are there flat rates for cabs?

No. Section 9 of Hinton Bylaw 1013 states that all taxis must be equipped with taxi meters, and that taxi operators shall not charge more than is displayed on the meter.

If the meter isn’t working, can a cab transport me?

No. Section 9.01 of Hinton Bylaw 1013 maintains that taxi owners must keep meters equipped, adjusted, and sealed. Section 9.02 b) also requires that the taxi meters be tested and found to be in good working order.

For further questions relating to taxi-cabs and their operations within Hinton, please contact Protective Services at 780-865-6009

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