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Let the Town of Hinton Help You Be Ready for the Worst Case Scenario!

As our province has seen in recent memory, both north in The Fort Mcmurray Fire and south in the 2013 Floods,  disaster scenarios can happen right here in our province and quickly. 

There are four quick steps you can take to be ready for the worst right now, and if you show the Town you've done them through a post on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #HintonisReady, you will be entered to win a free 72 hour kit!

Emergency Preparedness in four steps

Step One: Understand the Risks

Every location has its own risks. Know yours. 
  • Wildfires are common in the drier months, which part of why the Town carries out FireSmart Prevention techniques.
  • The Highway 16 corridor and neighbouring train tracks bring the constant possibility of dangerous goods spills.

Step Two: Create a 72 Hour Kit and Emergency Plan 

Contents should include anything your family would need to decrease stress and increase comfort for 72 hours, so include things like a first aid kit and canned foods, but also consider packing familiar toys or games to occupy children. 

Creating an emergency plan and reviewing it regularly is an important part of Emergency Preparedness. Consider who will pick up your kids if you are unable, and where your meeting place is to reunite with loved ones or roommates, and make sure you have a crate to put and transport pets in.
empty gas tank image

Don't forget to think about gas! As many who fled Fort Mac can tell you, running out of gas while evacuating is a scary experience!

Step Three: Familiarize Yourself with your Evacuation Zones and Muster Points at Work and at Home

Don't get swept up in the crowds! Know where you need to go before an emergency starts. 

If you are without transportation, gather at the muster point nearest your home or workplace (find it in our pamphlet here) and wait for a Town of Hinton transit bus. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring along your 72 hr kit if possible.

Step Four: Stay Informed

Be sure to only follow instructions or seek out information that is from an official source. You can check the Town of Hinton website or Facebook, the Emergency Alert website (or their Facebook page or Twitter), or tune into the local Shaw television station or radio stations. If you are using social media to stay informed, ensure you are following reputable news sources, such as the Hinton Parklander or Hinton Voice pages. Remember that anyone can post anything on social media, so make sure to consider the source. 


Sign Up for Our Emergency Alerts

The Town of Hinton has a system prepared for alerting residents in the case of emergency (sign up here). Residents can choose to receive email or text message notifications.

Our emergency list will only contact you in the event of an emergency, or a test of our emergency notification system. To sign up for other alerts, like library activities or parentlink events, visit this page

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