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Meadow Drive Rehabilitation Project Overview

To provide our community with further information on the ongoing Meadow Drive Project, we have compiled important information into one CivicSend.

Project Location: Meadow Drive
Construction Budget: $2,972,020.42
Construction Time Frame: April 2018 to September 2018
Note: The construction of this project will subject to weather considerations and season.

Project Scope: The Meadow Drive completed construction plan view is depicted below:

Map of impacted Area

Scope of Work

The Scope of Work (SOW) is the area in an agreement where the work to be performed is described.

  • Water line replacement
  • Sanitary line replacement
  • Road, Sidewalk, Curb and Gutters
  • Underground storm catchment system for West half of Meadow which is tying into the storm catchment system in the intersection of Mountain and McLeod. McLeod does not have an underground storm line and so the East side of Meadow Drive will be graded so that storm water runs along the gutters to McLeod to then run along McLeod to the designated storm catch basin.
  • Shallow utilities such as communication lines, power and gas will remain in place.
  • There will be traffic route interruption as it is necessary to open up the intersection of Mountain and McLeod to complete the valve work. This is expected to be one to two days. The Mountain Street to Meadow on McLeod will be a longer period of time to support putting the storm pipe and replacing the water and sanitary lines in this section.

Traffic Accommodation Notices have been sent to schools, businesses, residents and the Town of Hinton Transit System will advertise the disruption and notices by posting notices in all bus shelters to provide notice to riders. Shelters that will be out of service during construction will be clearly marked. 

Construction Program:

The rehabilitation for Meadow Drive is scheduled to take place in four phases.

Phase 1: Work will start at the intersection of Mountain Street and Macleod Avenue and proceed east to the intersection of Macleod Avenue and Meadow Drive. Storm, sanitary, and water mains will be installed along Macleod Avenue past the first valve on the west side of Meadow Drive.

Phase 2: Work will continue along the west half of Meadow Drive from approximately Macleod Avenue to 125 Meadow Drive. Water, sanitary, and storm mains, all roadway pavement, curb and gutter, and the sidewalk will be replaced.

Phase 3: Work will continue on the east side of Meadow Drive from approximately 125 Meadow Drive to the east intersection of Meadow Drive and Macleod Avenue. Water, sanitary, and storm mains, all roadway pavement, curb and gutter, and the sidewalk will be replaced.

Phase 4:
The final phase of work will cover the intersection of Macleod Avenue and the east end of Meadow Drive, installing storm, sanitary, and water mains past the first valve on Meadow Drive and completing all tie-ins on Macleod Avenue.  

Project Understanding:

Meadow Drive is a residential development in the early years of Hinton. There has been a number of water breaks in the original water line installed in the 1950s. The road and sidewalk were in need of replacement recognizing a number of sidewalk trip hazards. With this rehabilitation the sanitary line is being replaced and storm management is being constructed. One of the key challenges in replacing the infrastructures services is being able to maintain traffic flow for residents, visitors and service delivery agencies on Meadow Drive. The storm water is new infrastructure and the water and sanitary tie into a collector road, (Macleod Avenue and Mountain Street) and will impact the community-at-large.

Project Partners:

From conception in 2017 through to construction completion, the Town of Hinton and ISL Engineering and Land Services, work in partnership to design, engineer and deliver a project on schedule and budget. GS Construction, the General Contractor, is the successful bidder from the Pre-Qualification(RFPQ) tendering process and has worked with the Town of Hinton and ISL Engineering and Land Services. Together we have been able to design and achieve cost savings in the budget through using everyone’s expertise. Border Paving (a local business) is also recognized as supporting the project with their local knowledge.

Construction Factors:

The Meadow Drive Road Rehabilitation Project seeks to minimize distribution to its immediate residents and the adjacent neighbours.

  • Design and construction identifies the need to ensure water and sanitary connections are maintained during the construction with minimal interruptions. Notices are being sent to residents as required to provide as much notice as possible for any service interruption.
  • Sidewalks are closed to the general public and residents to maintain safety for all during construction.
  • Utility (power, internet and communication providers) will remain present throughout the project area. Relocation of both above and below ground utilities required careful coordination to minimize service disruptions to Utility providers.
  • Traffic access for garbage pick-ups, delivery services and emergency services are being managed hands-on for all involved.
  • Temporary parking solutions to minimize distribution for residents to have access to recreational vehicles and trailers during the construction program are in 
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